Building using a custom Dockerfile

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a custom container on BinderHub using a Dockerfile. I know that this is not a recommended way of building a binder repository, but I would still like to know a workaround. In fact I already have the prebuilt docker image needed for the build. So I begin with something as simple as

FROM ceciledc/fenics_mixed_dimensional:latest

Of course, this builds fine right off the bat, but the resulting container is rendered unusable.

Any ideas on how to proceed after this? I have tried the instructions given here in order to consume the default NB_UID/NB_USER arguments and create a more sophisticated repo, but haven’t been successful yet.

I am a relatively new user to repo2docker and am still in the process of fully understanding it, but any pointers to possible solutions would be appreciated. is an example of the minimal Dockerfile needed. We also have a tutorial that might be useful