Repo2docker (and upgrading base image to ubuntu 22.04

The repo2docker base image, which powers builds on, is being upgraded from the Ubuntu 18.04-based buildpack-deps:bionic, which has reached its end of support, to the 22.04-based buildpack-deps:jammy . Very little in the host system is used by repo2docker (upgrading the version required no other changes to repo2docker), so most repos are unlikely to be affected. But if you use apt.txt, custom commands that make assumptions about the base system (some package names or versions may have changed), or the system compilers (may be used building dependencies), upgrading the distro version can change things, and your repos may need updating.

As always, let us know here if you have questions or issues, or report bugs.


No-one’s raised any blockers, so this will be deployed to production very soon!
Upgrade base image from to Ubuntu 22.04 from 18.04 by yuvipanda · Pull Request #1287 · jupyterhub/repo2docker · GitHub

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