How do you configure the version of repo2docker used by Binderhub?

I have a notebook that runs fine on, but on our custom installation I get an internal server error page when loading .ipynb files. I traced it to a conflict between notebook 5.7.4 and tornado 6.0.3. On the notebook package version is 5.7.8. How do we update our BinderHub installation to have newer package versions like

I presume I could pin the dependency in environment.yml, but changing the notebook repos is not a sustainable solution for us.

Without having more context my guess is that your version of BinderHub is older or you are using the default version of repo2docker that comes with BinderHub.

In both cases the fix is the same:

This sets the tag (and with it the version) of repo2docker used. This is the version we use on (Updating the default to 0.10.0 would be a nice first contribution for someone looking to help out)

We continually update to run the latest available version of repo2docker and BinderHub. We recommend other BinderHubs do the same. We use to keep our hub deployment updated. Pangeo made their own version of this bot.

Thanks! This is exactly what we needed.

Is the edited title ok with you? When I came back to this just now I was surprised after reading the title that we weren’t discussing python packages but repo2docker and the version of Python itself.

I didn’t know it was repo2docker that declared what python packages would be installed in the notebook container. If I had known that then the existing documentation would have answered my question.

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