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The Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team is an open group of community members that operate They keep running smoothly and up-to-date. If you’re interested in learning more about operating, or would like to join the team have a look at the SRE documentation and a post in this forum called “The Operators”.

We generally keep deployment-related chatter to the gitter channel. However, we recognize that many folks aren’t on Gitter which is why we will use this thread to post occasional updates on the status of and planned outages or upgrades.

Incident: node pool outage during an upgrade

Recently @betatim upgraded Kubernetes on the deployment. This surfaced a bug whereby the ingress pod was on a cordoned node and thus wasn’t able to accept traffic. Details here:

Upgrade is now running the latest BinderHub and repo2docker.

Upgrade is now running the latest repo2docker.

Many thanks to @sgibson91 for the deploy is now running the latest BinderHub and repo2docker .

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The update to repo2docker should fix a problem with websockets not working properly that was reported in (amongst other places) Debugging your Binder


Today was updated to deploy the jupyterhub 1.0 beta

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Two updates:

  • now lists the exact versions of the BinderHub helm chart and commit SHA of repo2docker used on the site.
  • we removed the “(beta)” tag.
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1 Like just got a new version of repo2docker. This brings the newest version of nteract_on_jupyter, the latest notebook version (5.7.8) and pip v19.

1 Like just got a new version of BinderHub!

Many thanks to @brylie! just received an update that makes it better at spreading repository builds across the cluster. This should keep the load on individual nodes lower instead of all repository builds clumping together on a single node.

1 Like has been updated with a new version of repo2docker.

  1. We now get conda 4.6 for builds which hopefully will speed up things a bit.
  2. We moved the notebook server and packages a user asks to have installed into their own conda environment (instead of using the root environment). This should be transparent to users, unless you were doing weird things and relying on the name of the environment or something.
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1 Like is now running the latest repo2docker, should be caught up to release .9