Release of IPython 7.14 (and 5.10)

Hi all,

IPython 7.14

was released a couple of minutes ago, and is now available on PyPI, soon on conda-forge.

There was no release in March (it was planned as I was supposed to be enjoying Hawaii, but ended up at home like everyone else), and I missed Last Fridays as I was busy finishing many task as now-my-ex-job at UC Merced. Today is my first day at QuanSight, and I’m doing this first release again as part of my day job.


  • master branch is now going to be 8.0, so 7.x is starting to get less features.

Important changes:

  • Fix compatibility with Sphinx 3+
  • Remove deprecated matplotlib parameter usage, compatibility with matplotlib 3.3+

Advanced warnings:

Many object present in IPython.core.display are there for internal use only, and should already been imported from IPython.display by users and external libraries. Trying to import those from IPython.core.display is still possible but will trigger a deprecation warning in later versions of IPython and will become errors in the future.

This will simplify compatibility with other Python kernels (like Xeus-Python), and simplify code base.

IPython 5.10

There is also a small release of IPython 5.10 (for our friends stuck on Python 2) with old versions of pip, that pins pygments to <2.6.

As usual, you can upgrade with upgrade:

pip install ipython --upgrade

And if you are using conda, once available on conda-forge:

conda upgrade ipython

Also I would strongly recommend to start testing master which have some nice new things.

Enjoy !