Release of IPython 7.10

Hi all,

IPython 7.10 was released a couple of minutes ago, and is now available on PyPI, soon on conda-forge.
As usual monthly releases on the last friday of each month, except I’m offline the next few days, so it’s today.

You can update with

pip install ipython --upgrade

And if you are using conda, once available on conda-forge:

conda upgrade ipython

This is a small release, only bug fixes and documentation updates. You can read the what’s new section of to learn more about this release.

Notable changes :

  • We now follow nep 29 NEP29 And dropped support for Python 3.5
  • Somme support for prompt toolkit 3 (but we still recommend 2.x for now)
  • Opt-in code reformatting with black, for example, (in limited cases).
  • API for Arbitrary mimetype handler in terminal (inline plots, and latex rendering for some terminal for example).

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving To those of you concerned by it.