Release of IPython 7.9

Hi all,

IPython 7.9 was released a couple of minutes ago, and is now available on PyPI, soon on conda-forge. As almost usual monthly releases on the last Friday of each month.

You can update with

pip install ipython --upgrade

And if you are using conda, once available on conda-forge:

conda upgrade ipython

This is a small release, only bug fixes and documentation updates. You can read the what’s new section to learn more about this release (docs currently building).

Non-Jupyter work has been quite busy for me – my team size at UC Merced shrank by 33% so the two remaining team member have temporarily 50% more work… – , so I didn’t had the time to do a release last month, and still have a number of PR to review and update; thanks to everyone who has a PR or issue opened for their patience. We are of course always looking for help.


Amazing! Thanks Matthias (and others) for improving and releasing Ipython!

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