Release of IPython 7.11

Hi all,

IPython 7.11 was released a couple of minutes ago, and is now available on PyPI, soon on conda-forge.
As usual monthly releases on the last friday of each month, event during this quiet time of the year.
You can update with

pip install ipython --upgrade

And if you are using conda, once available on conda-forge:

conda upgrade ipython

This is a medium release, couple of bug fixes mostly Python 3.9 and Prompt toolkit 3 Vi mode. You can read the what’s new section.

To celebrate the EOL of Python 2 in a few days, the largest part of the 36 (!) PRs to was removal of vestigial code path that were still handling some difference between Py2 and Py3 (typically bytes/str that are now always unicode). This allowed large simplification of many codepath, and a number of API are now types annotated and always return the same type.

The master branch will soon start to accept new APIs and new feature and 7.x will only accept bug fixes.


An 7.11.1 on Jan 1st for a small incompact with Cython Magic.

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:tada::tada: congrats on the release - and the patch is the first of 2020 I believe :slight_smile: