Release of IPython 7.7

Hi all,

IPython 7.7 was released a couple of minutes ago, and is now available on PyPI, soon on conda-forge.
As usual monthly releases on the last friday of each month.

You can update with

pip install ipython --upgrade

And if you are using conda, once available on conda-forge:

conda upgrade ipython

This is a small release, only bug fixes and documentation updates. You can read the what’s new section of to learn more about this release.

Notably worthy for the next releases:

We are planning to adopt NEP29 (still currently in draft) which may make this minor version of IPython the last one to support Python 3.5 and will make the code base more aggressive toward removing compatibility with older versions of Python.

GitHub now support to give only “Triage” permissions to users; if you’d like to help close stale issues and labels issues please reach to us with your GitHub Username and we’ll add you to the triage team. It is a great way to start contributing and a path toward getting commit rights.