Rate limit exceeded. Try again in 3600 seconds

Hi there,

I’m currently testing diffentent flavours of repos (located on Github ) to be used for Binder. After some testing, I got:

Rate limit exceeded. Try again in 3600 seconds.

What is an Rate limit and what are the limits at Binder to build?

A rate limit is how many calls you are allowed to make to an API before you are cut-off and you have to wait a set period of time before you are allowed to make calls to the API again. Most API providers implement a rate limit to avoid abuse and the limit can be increased or removed completely by sending an Authorization token with your API call. Binder interacts with the GitHub API to clone repository contents and you can find details of GitHub’s API rate limit here: Resources in the REST API - GitHub Docs

If you are using a private BinderHub, you can provide an Authorization token to increase the rate limit by following these instructions: 3. Set up BinderHub — BinderHub 0.1.0 documentation


Thanks for your great explanation!

In my case, the limit reached was at Github to access the repo, right?.

Yes and no, you were rate limited to access the GitHub API, the specific repo doesn’t factor into it.

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Thanks again for clarification. It is not a big deal to wait for a time to continue. Now it’s much more clear what the reason is and I can better sort out my faults from technical limits.

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