Lauching GitHub repo into Binder fails due to script folder >=2GB - Message could be more explicit

Dear all,

I had problem to launch my binder for a GitHub repo.
I try to figure out if it was due to:

  • requirements.txt
  • runtime.txt

After some test, by adding element by element , i realize it was due to the size of one folder >= 2,38 GB
In my case was script folder.

Example repo here:

I didn’t read any thing about the size limitation only about the use of the RAM: RAM as 1GB - 2GB

But the GitHub repo is about 4,31GB

Log maybe could be more explicit

See below

Waiting for build to start…
Picked Git content provider.
Cloning into ‘/tmp/repo2dockerp5rbv6mk’…
Updating files: 100% (1080/1080), done.
HEAD is now at e8d8422 addition script
Building conda environment for python=3.7
Using PythonBuildPack builder

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How to get data into your Binder, referenced in this answer to ‘Is there a limit to the Online Jupyter Notebook demo?’, may help you consider your options for dealing with this.


Thank you so much for your quick answer, i go to look at this and consider the postBuild or the access to a dataverse repository.

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