Launching GitHub repository into Binder fails


I tried to launch my GitHub repository into Binder but got the error message that the repository URL is not correct. Can’t figure out what is wrong with my settings. Any advice would be helpful.

GitHub repository name or URL:

Git branch, tag, or commit: master
Path to a notebook file (optional): test_UI.ipynb

Copy the URL below and share your Binder with others:

Build logs:
Could not resolve ref for gh:tauno537/datascience/tree/master/natural_language_processing/text_summarization/extractive_text_summarization/master. Double check your URL.

Your binder config files have to be in the root of a repository or within a sub folder called binder or .binder which has to be in the root of a repository.

You are simply targeting too deep in a hierarchy of a repository.

I moved the file ‘requirements.txt’ into a folder ‘datascience’ but nothing changed.

Move requirements.txt to the top level of your repository and the repository URL you provide in the mybinder form should be
The path to your notebook file should be natural_language_processing/text_summarization/extractive_text_summarization/test_UI.ipynb

Thanks! Now it works :slight_smile:

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