Need help. New in this forum

I am trying to create binder for my Github repo, default branch is main however i keep on getting this error message “Could not resolve ref for gh:MyName/ISYS5002-CALCULATOR.git/HEAD. Double check your URL. GitHub recently changed default branches from “master” to “main”.”

For the URL of the GitHub repository, you want to enter the URL you’d put in your browser’s address bar to go to the main page of the repository.
That web address isn’t what you have put in the first line of the form shown in your image.
And because the form is using the wrong text, the link generated to point MyBInder at your repo is wrong, and fails.

Fix the URL by browsing to the main page of your repository in your web browser and then copy the URL into the form & it should work.
Also, if you have a notebook you want it to open when the session launches, you can put the name in the path to notebook spot on the form.

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Also be aware that is a free public service, and usage statistics for all launched repositories are public- I thought I’d mention that since you’ve hidden your GitHub username in your screenshots. If there’s anything in your repository (including the full repository name) that you want to keep hidden you shouldn’t use

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Is there a recommendation or substitution? Maybe colab + Gdrive?