Binder from jupyterbook ends in "Error loading https%3A//gitlab..." colon not decoded properly?

Hi everyone,
I am trying to start binder from a jupyterbook, having provided the url in the config.yml, but binder doesn’t recognize the repo this way - it displays the colon (and only the colon) encoded so I suspect there might be some issue with that? Curiously, if I manually start a binder from repo directly via everything works just fine.

The repo url is: Jakob (Jascha) Schmitz / ABM compendium jupyterbook · GitLab

Maybe it the problem lies with the gitlab instance the repo is hosted on. When I pass a github repo in the config.yml, the binder integration also works fine.

Thanks in advance for any ideas / help how to fix this!

This is the error log:
"Error resolving ref for git:https%3A// Unable to run git ls-remote to get the resolved_ref: ssh: Could not resolve hostname https: Name or service not known
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists."

Is the URL being generated by JupyterBook? If so it might be worth opening an issue on

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The complete url is in the config.yml… although the branch is put on the rest of the url by juperbook, I reckon. This is how it looks like:

# Information about where the book exists on the web
  url                       :  # Online location of your book
  branch                    : main  # Which branch of the repository should be used when creating links (optional)

  notebook_interface: "jupyterlab"  # or "classic"
  binderhub_url: ""  # The URL for your BinderHub (e.g.,

I’ll make an issue, thanks for the suggestion!

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