Urlopen error [Errno -3] when using Binder

Hope this is the right place for this issue, I’ve been using Binder as a quick demo for my paper’s repository, worked really well (https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/eladrich/pix2vertex.pytorch/mybinder-test?filepath=reconstruct_pipeline.ipynb)

The repo notebook starts by downloading some files from the internet which are used for inference, I recently noticed that this download is failing with an “Temporary failure in name resolution”, which I saw is related to DNS problems. The files themselves exist and are accessible.

Any idea what’s happening here?

Could you try explicitly launching your binder on gke2.mybinder.org and turing.mybinder.org. Does it work on one but not the other?

We’ve been having issues with name resolution on some of our cluster. So trying these two clusters should help pin the cause for what you are seeing down to “name resolution issues we already know about”. The trouble is … we don’t yet know how to fix this :-/