Project.toml in binder subdirectory not installing packages

I have a Julia repo, and I created a Project.toml file in the binder subdirectory of the root directory of my repo. This seems to work for specifying the version of Julia to use, however, the packages listed in the Project.toml file are not loaded when the Binder is launched. However, if I move the Project.toml file to the root directory of the repo, then it seems to work properly.

Is this known behavior? A bug? Is there any workaround? I’d prefer not to have the Project.toml file in the root directory.

Hi @will
Can you provide a link to the repo?

Hi @manics,

Here are two sample binders:

Each repo contains just a Project.toml file, but in binder1 it’s placed in the root, and in binder2 it’s in the “binder” subdirectory.

The environment described in Project.toml is instantiated in the case of binder1, but not in binder2.