Building Pluto Notebooks with Binder

Hey all,
I couldn’t find a way to get it to work but I was wondering if there is a way to get binder to build a Pluto Notebook written in Julia. If not I wonder if this is a feature on the horizon perhaps?

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As an escape hatch you can add a Dockerfile to your repository in order to do pretty much anything you like. This is the “big hammer” method to get things working. My guess would be that instead looking at how RStudio is integrated ( and using an existing package manager like conda or Julia’s own should get you there.

Do you have a link to a repository that contains some pluto notebooks? Also if you know a good introduction to pluto notebooks that would be super interesting as I’m not familiar with them (and not very active in the Julia community).


Thanks for the info! I’ll try looking into that.

The JuliaCon2020 talk initially got me interested in the project and serves as a nice introduction. I am pretty new to Julia myself. Just started digging into it recently. There is also an MIT class currently on the Julialang youtube channel that uses Pluto notebooks that may be helpful.


Thanks for the video!

I found which (I think) means you can install it as “yet another julia package”. This means you could use a Project.toml. The part I am not sure about is what the command is to start the notebook. A quick scan of the docs only surfaced the Julia code to execute to start the notebook (which probably won’t work).

Does this qualify for example that you are looking for?

Comes straight from Pluto.jl docs (now)