I have successfully installed binderhub-0.2.0+920.g0b49d3a, how do I lunch it?

I used the “pip install” command to install bindehub, and it shows

Successfully installed binderhub-0.2.0+920.g0b49d3a certifi-2021.10.8 certipy-0.1.3 google-auth-2.6.6 jupyterhub-2.2.2 kubernetes-23.3.0 pyjwt-2.3.0

How can I launch it from my browser?

You can find the full instructions for deploying BinderHub here BinderHub — BinderHub 0.1.0 documentation

If that’s too complicated and all you want is a way to launch binder-compatible repositories locally have a look at jupyter-repo2docker — repo2docker 2022.02.0+19.g1d218af documentation