Jupyter with IJulia kernel: how to use github package?

I’m wondering what’s the appropriate way to include a GitHub package in a ([I]Julia) jupyter notebook. I’ve tried different ways and I’m not really getting consistently working results.

Maybe it has to do with restarting the kernel/(re)running cells and such. So what’s (your/)the the go-to way to include a github based julia package into a jupyter notebook?

Hi @dietercastel,

https://github.com/binder-examples/demo-julia declears in Project.toml dependencies.

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Ah thx, I found that too was wondering how it all interacted. But how do I include from there a package not in the Package repository yet? Also, you then also have to include the .toml file if you share the notebook no? Isn’t there a solution that is more self-contained and ‘auto-installing’?