How do I find out which environments are available?

In particular, I would like to run Julia 1.6. How do I find out if that is available ?

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

This forum is for Jupyter related discussions, which covers a very wide wide range of software. If you give us more background e.g. what Jupyter related application(s) you’re using, and how they’re setup, it’ll be easier for us to help you :smiley:. In general the more information you provide the better.

Oops, I thought this forum was specifically for mybinder. I failed to notice the designation. Sorry.

You can use the files listed here to configure the environment any way you like: Configuration Files — Binder 0.1b documentation

Yes, I saw that, thanks. But the question is: what does the setup process do with that info? For instance, my Project.toml states: julia = “^1.6”. But I don’t get that, I get 1.5.3 to run. Which does not work with my environment, as it relies on 1.6. So is it taken as a suggestion only?

It shouldn’t be, but unfortunately I’m not familiar enough with Julia to understand how it’s working. I actually did open a similar issue around this a while ago, might be worth reviving that? The Julia version I request isn't the Julia version I get? · Issue #903 · jupyterhub/repo2docker · GitHub