Help running notebook in Mybinder

I create a Jupyter Notebook (aka jn) which is running on my computer but I want share with students. I’m having problems to build my repository. This is the first time that I prepared a jn and share it.
To run my jn the environment need some libraries installed by conda and others by pip. By inexperience, I create a requirement.txt, later, I realize that it must be an environment.yml. I deleted from GitHub requirement file and create environment.yml. When I try build my repository in mybinder it read the requirement file even after I deleted (I guess I deleted the file). Then, I create a new requirement file (GitHub) and I get the same error.
Url to my jupyter notebook in GitHub is GitHub - fontiela/receiverfunction_CMLA: Calculate receiver functions to the CMLA seismic station

Sorry my long message. I kindle ask if someone could help to fix my problems.

Your GitHub repository contains both an environment.yml and requirements.txt. Which one are you expecting to be used? It’d be best to delete the one you don’t want.

@MeoComandante an alternative is to make a binder subdirectory and put the one of the two to use there if you’d like to keep the two you have in root for some other reasons, such as working with other services besides Binder. See Can I put my configuration files outside the root of my repository? in the documentation for Binder.

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