Help save (a) Christmas (gift) by telling me why my binder environment.yml fails

I have a very simple repository with a simple notebook with a simple environment.yml derived from running

conda env export --from-history -f environment.yml

environment.yml clearly includes matplotlib, but

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 

fails with

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'matplotlib'

I’m rather boggled and am sure that it’s obvious… sigh The notebook runs on my mac; i’ve reviewed notes regarding how to exclude system dependent files from the environment.yml and commented out a few lines to make it more similar to the sample binder repositories.

My notes on my bug are at

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You have a binder directory in your repo but your environment.yml is in the root. Having a binder folder force’s repo2docker to look there for files instead of root so your environment file isn’t being found. If you move the environment into the binder folder, it should be discovered.

You can read more here:


Thank you. I think i’ll delete the binder directory until i have more content for it.