Poll and feedback on possibly removing `qtconsole` from `jupyter` metapackage

I wanted to start a conversation about the possibility of removing qtconsole from the base jupyter metapackage. Depending on timelines and feedback, it might makes sense to incorporate this into an eventual 1.1.0 release mentioned in #678

Per comments on #358 - QT is quite a heavy dependency. At 90 Mb, it is roughly 3 times larger than a complete python language installation from the comment on that issue, and I would venture to guess that the vast majority of our users do not use it.

How do you feel and what do you think about removing qtconsole from the jupyter meta-package?

  • I would be very unhappy if it was removed :cry:
  • I would be inconvenienced and sad, but I could deal with it :frowning:
  • I don’t use qtconsole, so feel free to remove it
  • I would welcome this change with enthusiasm
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Please leave your thoughts here, or on the github issue.


I’ve used qtconsole in the past, but the workhorse I’ve largely settled on is switching between ipython and the notebook. (I should refresh myself on drawing matplotlib images in ipython…)

I use QtConsole as my daily driver (it makes copy/pasting code easier), but have it installed as a separate package. If it was removed from the jupyter metapackage, that’s fine by me.

Also, please consider boosting one of these message so that we can get feedback from more of our users:


QtConsole is already listed as a separate dependency in NeXpy, so this would not affect me.