IPython 7.18 and Jupyter Console 6.2

Hi all,

minimal release of IPython today, I think there is only 3 bug fixes and minimal dependencies updates as we dropped 3.6 and sometime with was resolving with really old pexpect/jedi that were compatible with IPython but incompatible with Python 3.7+…

No need to update if all works for you, but it is recommended of course.

pip install ipython --upgrade

Jupyter Console is also out, with a much cleaner code base, python 3.6+, some love for the VI mode in the prompt, now shows completion metadata (like types when using ipykernel) and a lot more unity with the IPython interface.

you can update with

pip install jupyter_console --upgrade

Release notes are lacking though, but if someone want to take a stab at it by looking at the merged PR i’d be grateful to have better docs.

Conda recipes should be built soon.

Enjoy !