Plugins of considerations


This is the plugins we are currently using:


These are plugins I think is worth considering:


We may want to also look at setting up “reply by email”.

A proposal for JupyterHub communications

oooh the chat plugin is pretty cool!


Quick updates, we actually already have access to several of those plugins :slight_smile:

I just enabled the “solved” plugin on the z2jh channel for example:

you should now be able to mark replies as “solutions”. Do we want to enable this for the whole site?

I also looked into the chat integration thing and I think it should work with Gitter as well, but I couldn’t figure out how to set it up


Yes, I believe so. Thanks for looking into this.
I’m open to adding the Gitter plugin, but it is still unclear what it does to me.


I have seen these, but they were not there before. Was this due to a plugin being installed?


They appeared before we discussed plugins, so maybe it is because a new version of discourse was installed (we are on a hosted plan here).


yeah I think it was a general discourse update, I didn’t enable anything at least :slight_smile:


@choldgraf can you provide me with a print-screen or similar of the current plugins activated? They should be listed in the admin panel or settings panel I think.