Personal dependency for discourse github login

When using the Log in with GitHub option for this discourse instance, it looks like there’s a dependency on @choldgraf 's personal setup rather than on the jupyter github org.

And since I couldn’t find a github repo for this discourse instance I figured I’d start by posting here in #meta instead of my next best guess: GitHub - jupyter/ Project Jupyter's home on the World Wide Web

Whoops, I am not sure how or why that is the case haha. If anybody knows how to make Discourse authenticate using an organizational account (e.g. I’m happy to re-work the settings to make this happen.

I think it’s the same process as for creating a personal OAuth app, just done in a GH org account:<ORGANISATION>/settings/applications

Be aware that changing the GH client tokens in Discourse will mean anyone already using GH on Discourse will have to accept the new OAuth app when they next login. I don’t know whether existing logins will expire when it’s changed, or if that’s controlled by some other time.

Looks like you can transfer the app to the GitHub org, hopefully that’s less disruptive