Papermill 1.2.0 Release

Some issues were raised in 1.1.0 and by upstream changes that have been addressed in the 1.2.0 release. Given the number of changes and some minor feature additions I opted for a minor release over a patch release. It is recommended you not use papermill 1.1.0 with the 1.2.0 release out now.

Thanks to the contributors that helped patch up the bugs!


  • Parameters lists passing feature from 1.1.0 was removed due to cli api issues it caused.

  • Piping papermill into nbconvert no longer triggers an encoding error on Python 2

  • Added BOTO3_ENDPOINT_URL environment variable to override boto session url

  • stdout / stderr can now be streamed to a file via --stdout-file /dev/stdout and --stderr-file /dev/stderr.

  • The CLI option --not-report-mode is now --no-report-mode

  • GCFS connectors should now retry under all conditions that the upstream library defines as retryable. Papermill now uses the is_retryable method from the upstream dependency.


Congrats y’all, way to go :slight_smile: