Release of Papermill 1.0

Papermill 1.0!

After over a year of development and community growth, our targets we came up with for feature completeness both in papermill and in upstream repositories are all completed now. You can read the main milestone targets here. But at a high level over the past several minor releases, we created scrapbook to replace papermill’s record and collection capabilities, upped test coverage above 90%, made every component of papermill registerable for platform / user extensions, added support for multiple cloud vendor io schemes, and hardened upstream repositories like nbconvert.

The release of 1.0 is tied to finalizing these initial goals to indicate we have have feature completeness and no known major deficiencies in the code base moving forward. We’re happy to have new contributors and ideas in tackling the next phase of improvements to the library, so don’t feel shy to poke around and see what you think should be added!

Specific changes in 0.19.1 to 1.0.0 are as follows:

  • Input and output paths can now reference input parameters. my_nb_{nb_type}.ipynb out_{nb_type}.ipynb -p nb_type test will substitute values into the paths passed in with python format application patterns.
  • read_notebook, read_notebooks, record, and display api functions are now removed.
  • [from nbconvert 5.5] ipywidgets are now supported. See nbconvert docs for details.
  • [from nbconvert 5.5] notebook executions which run out of memory no longer hang indefinitely when the kernel dies.

Enjoy the changes and thanks for everyone’s help getting here.


This is really exciting, I’m looking forward to having time to play around with this!

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