Papermill 1.1.0 Release

Papermill 1.1.0 Release

After a few months of collecting improvements we’ve put together the 1.1.0 release with some quality-of-life improvements. Thank you to the growing list of contributors for the improvements!

Also of note, if you wanted to perform papermill calls in multi-processing or threaded contexts that should now work if you upgrade the parent dependency of nbconvert to 5.6.0. See the latest nbconvert release for details.


  • Read content from stdin/to stdout when the path is - or a pipe. This allows for <generate input>... | papermill | ...<process output>, with papermill - - being implied by the pipes.

  • The built-in ADLHandler for Azure Pipelines should now work properly again.

  • Many documentation improvements

  • IPython is now lazily imported only when progress bars are needed.

  • A MATLAB translator is now available for parameters being passed to MATLAB notebooks.

  • Parameters lists can more easily be passed to the command line via: -p name value1 value2 3 ... which results in adding to notebooks a parameter list assignment name = ["value1", "value2", 3].


Congratulations all :tada::tada::tada: