NBConvert 6.1.0 Release

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let the community know that your many PRs and contributions to nbconvert are now live with the 6.1.0 release. This release was mostly 8 months of smaller improvements without any breaking contract changes. Since it was a very long list of improvements we bumped the minor version up. There’s still a need for better documentation, guides, and examples for the future and having more help with these aspects of the project would be awesome if anyone is interested and wants to contribute!

See the full change log on the docs page, but the following 31 authors contributed 81 commits.

  • Adolph
  • Alessandro Finamore
  • Angus Hollands
  • Atsuo Ishimoto
  • Bo
  • David Brochart
  • Frédéric Collonval
  • Jeremy Howard
  • Jim Zwartveld
  • José Ignacio Romero
  • Joyce Er
  • joyceerhl
  • Kyle Cutler
  • Leah E. Cole
  • Leah Wasser
  • Nihiue
  • Matthew Seal
  • Michael Adolph
  • Mohammad Mostafa Farzan
  • Okky Mabruri
  • Pill-GZ
  • ptcane
  • Raniere Silva
  • Ryan Moe
  • Stefan Lang
  • Sylvain Corlay
  • Tobin Jones
  • txoof
  • Yuvi Panda

Significant Changes

  • Dropped Python 3.6 and added Python 3.9 PR #1542: and PR #1556:
  • Convert execute preprocessor wrapper to resemble papermill PR #1448:

Thanks again Jupyter community for many improvements!