Nbestimate is down!

I just realized that nbestimate hasn’t been updated since 2020. Any chance that @parente knows what’s going on? I see it’s still running on Travis, maybe this is related to their new rate limits?


@ivanov reached out about this via email. To my shame, I still haven’t added my response (copied below) to the timeline in the project README, disabled the predictive model, and stared collecting the new counts.

The cronjob I run has an assert to ensure that the daily count is not drastically different from the prior day, to avoid collecting bad data when GitHub’s search index is having a bad day. In December 2020, the number of notebooks reported by GitHub search dropped from nearly 10 million back to 4.5 million, stayed there for a day or so, and then began climbing again from that new origin.

I don’t have an explanation for what happened (GitHub updated how they count ipynb files? They did a massive cleanup of repositories? They were accidentally counting private repos before and aren’t now?).

Ahh gotcha - is there anything that others could help you with there?

The repo should be collecting daily counts again in the CSV file. I’ve disabled the notebook execution until I have time to remove the predictive portions and have it render the historical count alone.