Nbresuse seeking new maintainers

nbresuse is a Jupyter Notebook extension (server & client) that displays memory / CPU usage to the user. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any time in a long time to maintain it.

I’d love to transfer it to an organization in the hands of someone else who can work on it. I know some folks from NERSC have been working on it and getting PRs merged, so that is an option.

Posting this to see what we can do. I’ve opened this issue: https://github.com/yuvipanda/nbresuse/issues/24


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I can justify throwing some paid effort at maintaining this, as several NSLS-II users have expressed interest in its functionality.

Since NERSC folks are already actively contributing to it, the NERSC org sounds like a good home. Another possibility is moving it into the jupyter org, which might make it more discoverable by others. Nothing about this project seems HPC specific.

Anyway, I would accept some maintenance responsibility and could delegate a couple other BNL folks as well to increase the bus factor.


Happy to discuss this some more. We may be able to take some of this on.


@shreyas and @danielballanwould be great if you two could co-ordinate and come up with a vague plan :smiley:

It would be easiest for us if you could move it into the jupyter org and add us both as maintainers. Does that work?

Unfortunately I think that repo is in no state to be transferred to the Jupiter org. No tests, no docs, etc. I’m happy to give you write access to the repo tho - Shreyas and others already have access.

Thanks @yuvipanda for the heads-up, and also for starting this project!

I’m also interested in keeping an eye on it, and currently using nbresuse in a JupyterLab extension for displaying system metrics.

@yuvipanda im keeping an eye on it as well, happy to contribute docs and tests

@yuvipanda (@jtp) first cut here https://github.com/yuvipanda/nbresuse/pull/26

Feel free to move it to the jupyterhub org, if that makes sharing maintainership a bit easier (or just because).

Hi I would be happy to be part of it. @yuvipanda @jtp
my first cut for nbresuse:
and added a feature for this in lab as well.