with github Enterprise account

Hi, through my university I have access to a github Enterprise account. I would like to use binder with that as backend, but even if I create a public repository it does not seem to work (I can an error message “could not read Username for ‘’”). Is there a way to use with such repositories that require user authentication? Best, Sebastian

Are these your public repos here? One of them is what you are trying to use?

No, what I want to use the the NCSU Enterprise github. For example, this a public repository hosted there:

That link isn’t public. It asks me to sign in when I click it. With the following text:

" Welcome to NC State GitHub, please refer to the Documentation or send questions to
Login using your UnityID, not your email address."

So either you aren’t using the public link, or it didn’t get converted the way you believe. And it seems to be the latter as the NC State Github FAQ reads:

“NC State GitHub is specifically designed to not compete with as far as public offering. “Public” inside of NC State GitHub is public to the institution, not the world. All access to NC State GitHub is limited to authenticated users.”

You want to use the main GitHub to use the public MyBinder. For using the public MyBinder, it needs to be public to the world. Alternatively, if they allow you, you could install a Binderhub on an NC State machine and then use Binder within the network for other NC Staters. That would only be internally available.

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Okay, I undetstand. Installing a local Binderhub sounds like something worth looking into. Thanks very much for your help!