Binder from seafile possible?

Dear all,
I am very new to binder and I have a perhaps stupid question:
I have a seafile archive that is publicly available, which also contains a git repo. Is there some way that I can create a project from this? I tried inserting the share link into “Arbitrary git repo”, but get the error:

Error resolving ref for git:/HEAD: Unable to run git ls-remote to get the resolved_ref: fatal: repository ‘’ not found

Is this somehow possible to do? Or does seafile not meet the requirement?

All the best

I’m not familiar with seafile. should work with most public git repositories that can be directly cloned. i.e. if you can run

git clone

in a terminal there’s a good chance it will work with
Other repository types require explicit support, and are listed in the dropdown.

Thanks for the clarification. git clone does not work here, so seafile does not support git explicitly. I thought that you could use for any online storage where you could somehow access the .git files.

It may be too early to tell much about possibilities from what you’ve provided.
If you have a public repository that you’d be happy to share the link to, at least with a few people, feel free to message me via the discourse forum here to share it if you don’t necessarily want to post it here. I’d be happy to look and see what I can discern about possibilities.

In that regard, it seemed initially you were looking to launch a session with the MyBinder system pulling directly from Seafile and have the content and the environment be set to go. If that isn’t possible would you perhaps be satisfied as a ‘fall-back’ option using the content from your Seafile repository and another repo, possibly on Github, to set up the environment and pull in the content to launched sessions separately? Or maybe you already worked out how to do this?