Can I use Binderhub api for commercial purpose sharing profits with binder commuity?

hi, everyone, thank you for your contributions.
I’m so impressed by Binderhub, and its community.

I read binderhub api doc and, I think it would be wonderful if i could use binder api in my commercial service sharing profits with binder community so that my service, Binder and its community can grow faster.
According to binderhub guidline it seems i can’t do this for now (?) , but I think this is great opportunity for both of us.

I’d appreciate it if you guys liked this idea.

Best regards


Would you mind clarifying whether you’re referring to the BinderHub software which is released under the BSD open-source licence (so anyone can deploy it themselves including for commercial use), or, which is a public deployment of BinderHub funded by donations and therefore has restrictive guidelines on usage?

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Thank you for your reply:)

I didn’t know that. Ok so I’m gonna deploy binderhub by myself reading docs!!

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Great! If you would like to donate to support the development of BinderHub and the running of you can do so at

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