Usage question, can my researchers keep using the binder for their work if we cite binder in publication?

Hello there,

I recently completed writing some scrapy code that allows a group of researchers to gather information about retailers like target and their approaches to covid-19 mitigation within their stores. I put the jupyter notebooks on binder for my “introduction to the code” session and a researcher asked me if they were allowed to use them for gathering and interacting with additional data by tweaking lines of my code. I wasn’t sure if this was an allowed usage so I’m asking here. Please let me know what you think!

Short answer is an emphatic ‘Yes’ given that is exactly the type of activity Binder is meant to encourage.

More thoroughly:
It sounds like you yourself would have say over how the code the researchers are adapting is credited. See here.
Additionally, since it sounds like everyone involved is using Binder to develop, share, and analyze that code and the output, then all parties citing Binder would be greatly appreciated. (The information is here [more directly here at present].)


Hurray!!! So glad, binder is such a great platform for this kind of thing. It really has eased the burden of getting research code into the hands of my collaborators.

Great point that I need to slap a license on that repo, that was something I missed.

Yes, I saw that info before and we will certainly make sure the binder information for citing gets used when publication time is upon us.

Thanks so much @fomightez!


Do you have a link to the repo? It sounds like exactly the reason we run (please keep using it!) and with some spare brain cycles now I’d be interested to look and play with your code as well (maybe the secret reason to run is that we get to discover and play with cool stuff people build :smiley: )

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Sure, here’s the link GitHub - DevinBayly/retail-covid-mitigation-marathon-notebooks at main.