Menu when right-clicking into a cell


I am a new user. When I first started using Jupyter, right-clicking in a cell would produce a menu with several options (delete cell, etc). Now when I right-click, it produces the standard google chrome menu (back, reload, etc)

What did I do wrong to cause this change?

Thank you

Could you provide a screenshot of how it looks now?

this is the standard menu in chrome when right-clicking. I got a different menu before…

Thank you for the assistance!

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Any chance you are thinking of JupyterLab?

The picture you attached is of the classic notebook interface, which doesn’t have such a menu typically. In other words, right-clicking a code cell in that interface just gives the browser menu you posted.

You can quickly see the difference in the interfaces and compare, by going to Try Jupyter. You can compare what you get in your browser when you select ‘Try Classic Notebook’ vs. ‘Try JupyterLab’.

Right-clicking a code cell in JupyterLab as a menu like this:

Or maybe that could have been GitHub - jupyterlab/retrolab: JupyterLab distribution with a retro look and feel 🌅 which is even more similar to Notebook.

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