4.0.1: context menu for notebook tabs not working

I was sent here by the bot after it closed my bug report as being a support request… This is a GUI bug in 4.0.1 which does not exist in 3.x, so I’m not sure why it is considered not a bug report, but anwyay, here it is :slight_smile:

Right-clicking on a notebook tab opens the context-menu with entries like “Close Tab”,…,“Rename Notebook” etc. This works find in jupyterhub 3.x, but with 4.0.1, all notebook-related entries like “Rename Notebook”, “Duplicate Notebook” etc. are greyed out.
That’s because the focus for the tab you right-lick on get lost. The active tab has a little blue bar above it, and when right-clicking in 3.x, this bars stays blue and the context-menu shows all notebook-related entries in black and they are clickable.
When right-clicking on a notebook tab in 4.x, this little blue bar vanishes, so the tab is not longer the active one, and therefore the context menu shows the notebook-related options greyed out.

That’s how it looks in 3.x: https://www.bio.ifi.lmu.de/~steiner/3.jpg
And that’s in 4.x: https://www.bio.ifi.lmu.de/~steiner/4.jpg
Both times right-clicked on the right tab.

This happens with Firefox and Chromium, latest versions, in Linux and with FF and Chrome in Windows. And it happens to all our users.

Anyone else seeing this?

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Confirming same issue in 4.0.3, using jupyterlab-on-docker.
All the functions work from the File menu, but context menu doesn’t work.

Thanks @Frank-Steiner for reporting :+1:

This definitely looks like a bug. Would you be able to try opening a new issue on the JupyterLab repo if it does not exist yet? I’m not sure why the bot tried to close the bug repor on the repo. If you have a link we can also re-open it.

Just found it: context menu for notebook tabs not working in 4.0.3 · Issue #14850 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub