Not sure how to remove a menu item from the Jupyterlab File Menu

Need to remove menu items from the File Menu in JupyterLab version 1.2.4. Not sure how to accomplish that. Can some one provide instructions or a reference how to accomplish that.

This one is a bit easier than your other questions. The main menu is provided by a plugin, so if you want to have application control, you can substitute the main menu plugin with your own which does whatever filtering you want.

Or, depending on the items, the individual plugins adding those options may have configuration to delete some items.

Hi @jasongrout, I have a requirement where I want to keep all Help Menu options, but disable some. Is there any way of doing this, without forking the Jupyterlab repo and modifying the source code? Can I access a particular Help Menu option from another extension and disable it (or better, entirely remove it?).

Thanks in advance!