LaTeX not rendering in ipywidgets controls in notebooks

Why are LaTeX labels not rendering in the ipywidgets controls in my JupyterLab notebook?

For me, this

r=widgets.FloatSlider(min=1, max=4, step=0.02, value=3.08, continuous_update=True, description='$r$'), 
steps=widgets.IntSlider(min=2, max=500, step=1, value=20, continuous_update=True, description='$n_{max}$'),  
x0=widgets.FloatSlider(min=0.1, max=1.0, step=0.1, value=0.1, continuous_update=True, description='$x_0$'), 

results in:
Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 3.17.12 PM

FWIW I get the same behavior (no rendering as LaTeX) when I enter the example from the docs in my notebook, and the example in the docs themselves don’t work either, (though the older docs render fine).

See #3848

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