Jupyterhub on openshift without using imagestream


Please let me know how to deploy jupyterhub to openshift without using imagestream and using docker images.

What spawner should be used while deploying to OpenShift.

How to manage single user spawner volumes for each user instance after deploying to openshift


Have you seen GitHub - jupyter-on-openshift/jupyterhub-quickstart: OpenShift compatible version of the JupyterHub application. ?

It has not been updated for 2 years, and is probably a one man show, but maybe it can give you some inspiration.


I have seen this. It uses imagestream and its single user notebook.

I would need to know set up of jupyterhub in openshift using a jupyterhub docker image

I would also need to know how dockerspawner or kubespawner works in openshift to spawn multiple user instances in openshift

Kindly provide solution for jupyterhub deployment in openshift without using imagestream

Please share with examples