Kubespawner_override images

Hi, I’m new on Jupyterhub.
I want to pull production images on kubespawner_override .
does the Docker image have to install the jupyterhub package or import it from a parent image?
then it won’t test the real prod Dockerfile, is that a way to preload it?


Your Docker image needs to include a jupyterhub version compatible with your server, and you’ll need to ensure jupyterhub-singleuser is run as your Dockerfile command. The easiest way to create a custom user image is to extend an existing official image Customizing User Environment — Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes documentation

thank you for the quick response.
can I use my own image that uses FROM parent image like centos and then installation of jupyterhub ?
i cant find it

Yes, it should be possible to build your own image based on centos.

What can’t you find?