Jupyterhub collaboration and tags


I use jupyterhub with kubespawner in collaborative mode by adding
a jupyter_lab_config.py file with c.LabApp.collaborative = True .

It works well and I can do collaborative edition,
when we share a notebook with tags, the tags are removed.


Launch a pod on jupyterlab (collaborative)
Create a notebook with cell and tags on this cell
Save it
Use jupyterlab-link-share to copy the share link
Open the link in private mode (incognito-mode)
The file doesn't have the tags

If you create a new tag then this tag will be on both sides.

Related issue: jupyterlab/jupyterlab#11038

Here the file is created with tag ‘testTag’ at the right side.
The collaborative edition works
But the tags are not present at left.


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Am I the only one to encounter this bug ? Does anyone test ?


Dear @djangoliv,

your bug report (collaboration and tags · Issue #11038 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub) was fixed in JupyterLab 3.2.0 (Share notebook's metadata by hbcarlos · Pull Request #11064 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub). From comments I understand that you still face an issue but no longer can reproduce it in JupyterLab but only on JupyterHub. What version of JupyterLab are you using on JupyterHub? It might be that your JupyterHub deployment was not updated to use the latest JupyterLab version. FYI the latest version of JupyterLab is 3.2.4

Thanks for your reply @krassowski .

I am using Jupytelab 3.2.4 . By the way, if I open a notebook in collaboration mode, the created tags are shared between the shared notebooks.

The problem is when the tags are present before sharing. They don’t appear in the shared notebook.

  • add a tag on a cell

  • share => no tags on the shared notebook

  • create a new tag

  • save

  • tags are present in the both side

I hope to be clear enough. :slight_smile:


I found that it is finally fixed in 3.2.5.
I checked with this z2jh single user image

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Thank you! This is very good to hear the patches in 3.2.5 fixed it. I think it could have been fixed by Update ModelDB metadata when switching the shared model by hbcarlos · Pull Request #11493 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub.

Thanks, I also tested it successfully.