Flags (.i.e. --collaborative) on an image at k8s?

Hi! I am trying to enable the --collaboration flag on one of my images (on lab > 3.1.10) on an Kubernetes deployment of jupyterhub/lab using Azure.

I am using “profileList” in my config.yaml in order to provide multiple images, and on some of them I would like to enable custom flags, such as the “–collaborative” one.

I build my own images based on the ones at docker-stacks, and have tried multiple approaches in Dockerfile, such as ENTRYPOINT and CMD, for instance

ENTRYPOINT [“jupyter” “lab” “–collaboration”]

CMD exec jupyter-lab --collaborative

and a bunch of other different variations. All of them work when running the docker image locally, but when pushing it to my Azure Container Registry and running them from Jupyterhub, they either give of different errors, or it doesn’t have any effect on enabling said --collaboration.

Do I perhaps have to make use of


on the helm config.yaml instead? Or is it at all possible?

I have also read that applying some of these commands will replace the default parameters set in the config file, which might not be a good thing.

Can someone give me a helping hand on how to succeed on this given my deployment environment? Thanks in advance!

Have a look at this discussion: Plans on bringing RTC to jupyterhub