[ANN] JupyterLab 3.1

From JupyterLab 3.1, file documents and notebooks have collaborative
editing using the Yjs shared editing framework <https://github.com/yjs/yjs>_.
Editors are not collaborative by default; to activate it, start JupyterLab
with the --collaborative flag. See full documentation on collaboration.

Please see full release notes here


Has anyone used the collaborative editing feature in a JupyterLab notebook launch by JupyterHub? I wonder is there anyway to enable collaborative editing in JupyterHub.

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Good point. To me, looks like the collaborative Jupyterhub use case is a priority.

Over on JupyterLite, we’ve added an (incomplete) replacement for the built-in, jupyter_server-based collaboration provider that calls out to a y-webrtc host (presently hard-coded to the demo one). Theoretically, someone who had the need for it would be able to turn that into a standalone extension, install it in every lab, and run the underlying nodejs server as a hub service so it would at least be “inside the wire,” as this is going to spam all yer data.

There are a number of other existing connectors, that might work as well: the y-xmpp one, backed by an ejabberd instance, would probably scale to ridiculous levels.

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There’s another thread on Plans on bringing RTC to jupyterhub, shall we move the JupyterHub/RTC discussion there?

Edit: Sounds like I kinda had a similar idea, except that @bollwyvl actually knows what he’s talking about :slight_smile:

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