Suggestions for team project workflow?

The course I’m currently teaching includes a big team project.

In the past I’ve used CoCalc for this, but I already have a JupyterHub setup running, that the students are used to.

Has anyone got any good suggestions to help students work together on a set of notebooks and other files?

How far advanced is the collaborative editing work e.g. at [WIP] Collaborative editing using Yjs by dmonad · Pull Request #9785 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub ?

Hi Matthew,

I’m the author of the PR. The PR is in a usable state, but it currently also breaks some existing features. Also it doesn’t work yet in JupyterHub. This is an early attempt at implementing shared editing and it needs more work. I hope that we can merge a working implementation into Jupyterlab until July.

So it might make sense to look at other solutions in the meantime.


Thanks for the reply - that’s very helpful. The students are just starting work now, so yes, July would be too late…