Jupyter won't appear in Anaconda

Hello, I am running Anaconda Navigator through an ubuntu WSL. I tried to do this through windows10 and the pipeline I was working with needs Linux. When I open up anaconda everything seems to work fine but when I click to open Jupyter Notebook or the terminal, nothing opens. However, when I close anaconda it tells me that Jupyter notebook is running. I have uninstalled anaconda and reinstalled it 2 times now and the same thing continues to happen. How do I go about fixing this issue?

Several things might not be up to the task for dealing with WSL: in this case, it’s probably confused, and the python running in your linux “computer” doesn’t know where your web browser is back on your windows computer.

A relatively reliable way might be to start a WSL prompt, activate the correct linux environment, and then launch the thing you want, then manually use that URL that shows up (should end in ?token) in your browser. I can highly recommend using the newer “Windows Terminal” (not installed by default). You might also run into some networking issues, depending on how WSL networking works… be wary of --ip=*, which is often the suggestion to such problems: this allows anyone to reach the notebook server running as you on your system, and WSL inherits all the security problems of both platforms, plus introduces new ones.