Jupyter REPL data

I need a help.
I added interactive console REPL into my site (on react.js) using

<iframe src="https://jupyterlite.github.io/demo/repl/index.html?kernel=python&toolbar=1" ...

In jupyter control I open csv file, work with it and save the result in csv as well.
I see all files in JupyterLite Storage (IndexedDB)
but when I try to read the result csv file from my app (react.js) using indexedDB.open(“JupyterLite Storage”) I see that it’s not possible to read the content of JupyterLite Storage from external app.
Is it so?

How can I save the data result inside Jupyter REPL to have the ability to read it in my web-app?
csv format is preferred.
Common reason is to have the ability to prepare some data using Jupyter and pass it for using in my web app. Maybe there is other way to implement it.