Use JupyterLab as a React Component/On Html with server connection

Hello, what I want may look a little bit weird but I actually want to put the JupyterLab as whole to the my React application, and for server, I want it to use the URL I am giving. I see that there are some examples that makes it part by part but I need the whole JupyterLab and sadly I am not forwarding that much other than using iframe. So basically the need is, React + JupyterLab on the frontend, JupyterLab Server on the backend.

I definitely made a very big research and actually trying anything for days, I also tried to copy and paste things from the desktop app example but I also got like 255 lines of errors on browser saying index.es6.js:289 error: no provider for: @jupyterlab/translation:itranslator.

If you can provide me just a simple example of JupyterLab, I think it is enough.