Files in jupyterlite all disappeared

Hello, does anyone know why all the files I created on the JupyterLite website disappeared. I did not save them on my computer. I do not know where I can find back these files.

Files created on most jupyterlite sites (without custom contents backends) aren’t sent to any servers, and only live in your browser.

While this is great for privacy, it is of course poor for your experinece, and I don’t know of any particular way to get them back.


This is one way to make files persist in jupyterlite

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Hello, i had this problem too, I think because i cleared my cache. I found the jupyter kernels in app data on my local disk and was trying to reload the last updated kernel in jupyterlite but cannot figure it out. Can anyone advise me on how to do this?
Or am i barking up the wrong tree completely if i think i will be able to restore some of the files from the kernel?

If you haven’t come across it yet, the most details I’ve seen on how and where JupyterLite stores thing internally deep inside your browser is here.

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Thanks for the answer, i did find a jupyter folder, following the instructions in your link. But unfortunately, only the files from after i cleared the cache were there. Think ill have to start from scratch. Anyway, i appreciate the help, and ill be more careful from now on!

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